Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breast implants: do you measure up?

Many women who come in for breast augmentation have a certain cup size in mind, but cup size has many variables due to patient height, weight , chest(rib)cavity or amount of excess skin.

During a consultation, Dr. Peterson will use a skin fold caliper and measuring tools to determine your breast base diameter and breast height. He will also measure breast tissue thickness of the upper and lower breast and determine the position of the nipple and areola as well as the amount of "droopiness" of the breast. He will use this data to help you choose an implant that "fits" your body.

Using measurements of your breasts helps Dr. Peterson evaluate an implant in a more accurate way to match your desired goals. Read more about breast implants in Topeka on our website.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

four tips for natural looking injectables in topeka

The key to successful injectables is a natural end result. So how do you accomplish that?

Stick with temporary fillers. You do not want to use a permanent or semi-permanent filler that will not age with your face.

Set a schedule. Try to be consistent. It is best if you don't "start from scratch" with each treatment

Be conservative. Ask who is injecting and how much experience the injector has with the product.

Know what is being injected. Ask about side effects, bruising, expectations. How much product is being injected and location. Your medical chart should keep a documentation of all your injections. You should be able to see the packaging and bottle that your product is coming from.