Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the "gummy bear" implant gets FDA approval

The highly cohesive "gummy bear" implant has just received FDA approval in the U.S. This implant has been available in Europe and Canada for 18 years and went through almost 10 years of clinical trials here in the US.

The new implant was nicknamed the "gummy bear" due to the consistency of the gel. What distinguishes the implant is its gently sloped teardrop shape and firm filling made of highly cohesive silicone gel. If cut in half, the implant will not ooze or lose its shape, yet it's still soft to the touch.

The new implants will be more expensive than the classic cohesive gel that have been available for the last five years. They are not meant for every implant patient and you should meet in consultation with Dr. Peterson in Topeka Kansas to determine if this is a good choice for you for breast augmentation.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Plastic surgery for dogs- $62 million in 2011

Botox to perk up a dogs ear. Fillers to fix broken cartilage. The stuff of dog show champions! Injection therapy to avoid cutting an animal.  Plastic surgery is a growing part of the US pet industry.

According to insurer PetPlan, American dog owners spent $62 million on plastic surgery in 2011- but most are not about vanity, but improving quality of life.Two conditions are increasingly common among purebred and inbred dogs. Shar-peis, chows,bloodhounds can suffer from a problem where droopy skin turns eyelids inward and makes the lash scratch the eye. Dogs with squished in faces-bulldogs, boston terriers can have tissue that obstructs their airways- so a nose job is life saving.