Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Plastic surgery for dogs- $62 million in 2011

Botox to perk up a dogs ear. Fillers to fix broken cartilage. The stuff of dog show champions! Injection therapy to avoid cutting an animal.  Plastic surgery is a growing part of the US pet industry.

According to insurer PetPlan, American dog owners spent $62 million on plastic surgery in 2011- but most are not about vanity, but improving quality of life.Two conditions are increasingly common among purebred and inbred dogs. Shar-peis, chows,bloodhounds can suffer from a problem where droopy skin turns eyelids inward and makes the lash scratch the eye. Dogs with squished in faces-bulldogs, boston terriers can have tissue that obstructs their airways- so a nose job is life saving.


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