Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a mommy makeover menu for Topeka Kansas

You've seen it in magazines- statistics reveal that over 60% of mothers would consider a mommy makeover if cost was not an issue.

So what exactly is a " mommy makeover"? It is simply a marketing description to package several cosmetic procedures intended to restore a woman's figure after pregnancy and breast feeding. Stretch marks, loose skin, body fat accumulation, deflated and saggy breasts-there is only so much diet and exercise can do...!

The most frequent combination is a tummy tuck and breast lift surgery (with or without implants) and liposuction. There is no one operation that defines a mommy makeover- it is customized to you!


  1. I have had a consultation with Dr. Peterson, and I'd LOVE to get the above procedures done....but we just can't afford it right now :(

  2. A Mommy Makeover can consist of a variety of different procedures. It usually will consist of a tummy tuck with a breast augmentation with or without a lift. Additionally, liposuction can be included with this procedure. Weather you choose saline or silicone will also be a factor in price.