Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Male Breast Reduction in Topeka Kansas

I was asked this question a few days ago.
I am embarrassed to take my shirt off. When I'm at the lake, working out in the gym or playing basketball. Is there something I can do?

This is a condition called gynecomastia. It can be a combination of excess fat or tissue development in one or both breasts. It can happen at any age. In some cases, it is a heredity condition. In other men, it may be hormonal changes, weight loss or gain or the use of certain medications.

Breast reduction for men by Jack Peterson in Topeka uses a surgical approach to remove glandular tissue and excess skin along with  liposuction of excess fatty tissue.  The procedure is relatively simple with little downtime. Male patients tell us they are less self conscious in their fitted shirts and are not embarrassed to go shirtless.

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