Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the three p's of plastic surgery

Product, Practictioner, Place

Product- make sure you are getting injected with an FDA approved product that is approved for the area you want injected.  During a consultation you should understand the different products and why they are injected into different areas of the face. There is NO   FDA approved product for injection into the breast.

Practitioner- Know what type of practicioner is injecting. Is the physician injecting? Go to a doctor that is board certified in plastic surgery.

Place- Don't get injected in a facility that you feel uncomfortable undergoing a medical procedure such as a salon, mall or private home.These are medical procedures and need to be performed in a medical facility due to sanitary environment.

Remember a groupon ad that's to good to be true may mean product that is not FDA approved, a non-certified or inexperienced injector or an unsanitary location.


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