Tuesday, March 26, 2013

tattoo can mean trouble says FDA

Spring Break, Summer vacation. Let loose and have a little fun? What do you need to know about tattoos?

The FDA has just released a consumer update on a type of temporary tattoo using "black henna".
Black henna may be a mix of henna with other ingredients, or may really be hair dye. The extra ingredient used to blacken the henna is often a coal-tar hair dye containing  p-phenylenediamin (PPD), and ingredient that can cause serious skin reactions.


People who are considering getting permanent tattoos should also be aware that tattoo ink can have a risk of allergies and reactions for some people. The color of the tattoo ink matters. People with a copper allergy can have a bad reaction to blue/green ink. People with red dye allergies can react to red ink. People can have a reaction that looks like poison ivy that never goes away and can get so bad that skin can die.

When tattoo artists mix ink make sure you can see a list of ingredients from the manufacturer so you can check if there are individual ingredients that you already know cause you allergic reactions.

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