Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Study shows breast augmentation improves quality of life measures by over 80%

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the United States. Over 289,000 women elected to pursue cosmetic breast augmentation last year alone, a 300 percent increase from just over a decade ago.

 The primary reasons women seek breast augmentation include dissatisfaction with breast size and/or shape  low self-perception of physical attractiveness, and attachment anxieties associated with sexuality. These can lead to patients camouflaging the appearance of their breasts with special brassieres or clothing and/or avoiding being seen undressed by others.

In a study just completed called Breast Q, patients reported significant improvements in satisfaction with breasts - 83%, psychosocial well-being- 88% and sexual functioning - 81%.

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  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. How long after getting breast augmentation, does it take to drop?

  3. A lot of research has gone into this article... It is amazing the percentage that breast augmentation Essex improves the quality of life. I never thought of cosmetic surgery in this way before!

  4. Very nice. Can you share more details on such options?

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