Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time to get your sunscreen April special with Jack Peterson in Topeka

I mention sunscreen every time I talk about skin care. Always use a suncreen with both UVA and UVB protection: UVA are the deeper penetrating "aging" sun rays, UVB are the "sunburn" rays. We carry fabulous suncreen options in our office at all times.

Solar protection Formula SPF 58- excellent for daily use, great for sensitive skin and water resistant. Dries clear. Covers full uva/uvb spectrum

Solar Protection Formula SPF 65- excellent for maximum protection, this product dries clear

Solar Protection Formula TiZo SPF 40- great for active outdoor use. Our patients that are runners love this. Water resistant (sweating) and contains a mineral fusion with tint that acts as a makeup coverup! This is our best seller.

During the month of April, get 20% off our sunscreens. Stock up for summer!

PS. Just a reminder that our Botox $50 x 3 off rebate expires at the end of April.

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